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Recently Completed!

Metalized Nickel Silver "Drip" Frame

Wire brushed, black stained, Oak mirror frame partially metalized in Nickel Silver at the top that "drips" down the sides.

Designed by Mia Rao Designs

Unit built by Hylan Design Ltd.

Finished by Great Lakes Metal Coating

Metalized Gold base
Metalized Gold base
Metalized Gold base
Metalized Gold base
Metalized Gold base
Metalized Gold base
Metalized Gold base
Metalized Gold base

Metalized Gold base wrapped around royal blue hi-gloss cabinets accent with gold knobs

Cabinet exteriors refinished by Hylan Design

Gold bases made and installed by Hylan Design

Bases metalized to match gold knobs by Great Lakes Metal Coating

Metalized Gold Base


Basic Metals

We offer eight standard metals (Brass, Bronze, Black, Copper, Gold, Iron, Nickel Silver, White Bronze, Zinc). These metals can stand alone or be mixed. Great Lakes Metal Coating can customize anything to your liking.


Basic Finishes

The "Finish" refers to the sheen and patina of the metalized object.

- Satin has about a 35% sheen. There is no patina. Only the original metal that was sprayed on.

- Polished has about an 80% sheen, equivalent to a High Buff finish in paint. This also has no patina applied.

- Satin Patina has about a 35% sheen but patina is applied. The patina ages the metal. We have the ability to patinate a piece, let it sit to achieve the desired effect then stop the aging process and seal it. After the piece is sealed it will not continue to age like traditional metal. This give the user COMPLETE control over the end result.

- Polished Patina has the high sheen as well as the applied patina.

- Highlighted can only be done on textured surfaces. The high spots of the texture get polished whereas the low spots remain at a Satin level. This technique provides a very dramatic effect.

Sealing options include wax or acrylic urethane. Depending on use and maintenance clean-ability we will be able to help you deiced which option is best for your project.

*NOTE: Great Lakes Metal Coating has the ability to customize the sheen level and desired patina effect.

             Is the Satin finish a little to dull but Polished a little to shinny? Not a problem! We will work with you to make sure you get

             the end results you imagined



These are a few examples of what Great Lakes Metal Coating can offer.

All patterns can be customized in any metal, sheen, texture and scale.

Since the patterns are hand made, there are endless possibilities. We can mimic, manipulate and create anything you want.


Our metal veneer is an exclusive form of re-cycled pulverized real metals combined in a spray-able liquid binder. Since it is cold-sprayed, the weight of the metal is significantly reduced and can be applied to almost any rigid surface. It is extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to heat and most household chemicals. It is also  suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.

The liquid metal veneer is made of 100 percent recycled metal. Less spray metal is needed to achieve the same desired look of traditional metal.  This means there is a greater cost savings to our clients. Once applied, it has excellent adhesion properties and can be used on most surfaces including MDF, plaster, plasterboard, glass, concrete, fiberglass, plastic, and even paper mache.

Great Lakes Metal Coating offers an array of patterns, textures, and patinas under and over the metal. We are excited to share the imaginations of our partners and customers to create extraordinary pieces and applications. Please contact us today to set up a tour.

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Great Lakes Metal Coating

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329 West 18th Street, Suite 700

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We are a team of highly skilled artisans specializing in the application of real metal finishes. This lightweight spray coating can be applied to virtually any substrate, indoor or out. Custom coatings and finishes available.

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